Our service offering includes Consulting, Training, SAP Consultants CV Drops and SAP Staff Resourcing.


We offer training across most SAP Modules. This include SAP Certification Training, and onsite Project Team Training. We also offer End User Training on site at the client premises. Our team of trainers comprises only of experienced SAP trainers with proven track records.


We offer consulting services in SAP implementations with a team that knows how to deliver SAP Solutions that stand the test of time and give clients the value for money. We can be a dependable partner in your SAP Journey. We have a wide reach to a pool of experienced SAP Consultants who know how to do the job. Alternatively, we can also join you at the end of your SAP Implementation and delivery to help you in preparing your End User training materials and End User testing scripts.

SAP Consultants CV Drops

SAP resources looking for permanent or temporal placements can post their CVs here (at the contact us page) for SAP resource recruiters to choose from.

SAP Staff Resourcing

Companies, organizations, recruiting companies and SAP implementation Partners in need of SAP Resources may place their job postings on the site and also have the opportunity to access the repository of SAP Consultants CVs posted on our site.