Processing Intercompany Assets Transfer Transaction end to end

A business requirement may arise making it necessary for you to move Fixed assets from one company code to another (intercompany assets transfer) or from one organization unit to another, within the same company code (intracompany transfer). The end to end process of fixed asset transfers involves configuration settings as well as user frontend activities.
This posts will discuss the process of intercompany asset transfer end to end. It is assumed that the reader has, at the very least, a basic knowledge of Asset Accounting. The complete cycle of intercompany fixed asset transfer will include the steps below:

1) Configuration of the asset “transfer variant”
The key information contained in the transfer variant is the “transfer method” (gross method, net method etc.) and the “transaction types” (retirement and acquisition).
To set transfer variant go through the menu path:
IMG — Financial Accounting (new) — Assets Accounting — Transactions — Intercompany Asset Transfers – Automatic Intercompany Asset Transfers — Define Transfer Variant

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