Common Errors and their resolutions in Automatic payment program Runs

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The SAP Automatic Payment Program (APP) is a powerful facility for single or mass payment of Vendor invoices. The program can be manually executed (F110, F111) or scheduled to run automatically (F110S) and pay vendor open items based on a predetermined parameter selection.

In the course of executing this program, users may come across certain errors that may prevent them from completing the process. This post tries to discuss some of those errors, their causes and how to resolve them.

Note: We do not claim that this is an exhaustive list of all the various errors you can have in executing the APP.

Note also that the automatic payment program can handle both Vendor outgoing payments and customer incoming payments.

1) Company codes xxxx/xxxx do not appear in proposal 09.08.2016 FA001; correct

This error occurs during the automatic payment program run (with transactions F110 and F111). It may be due to one of the following:

a) Open item not due for payment

This means that the open item you are trying to pay is not due for payment. Meaning that the baseline date of the invoice document is in the future. Execute transaction FBL1N to confirm whether this is the case.

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